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Some of the territories our companies have worked in

Our companies are working around the clock every day to support and serve the world's leading food processing and manufacturing businesses. Our commitment, dedication and capability to serve a growing global customer base is paramount to our success. 

For over 40 years, ABL has brought quality and consistency to the forefront, because when it comes to delivering a perfect piece of produce, every variable matters.

Atlas Pacific is the world leader of deciduous fruit processing equipment that produces quality fruit while maximizing yields.

Brown is an engineering company and manufacturer of processing machinery that specializes in juicing, extraction and finishing, particularly for citrus products.

Luthi is the world leader in manufacturing and leasing of tuna can filling machines used across the seafood canning industry.

From equipment that peels, scrubs and washes, to automatic systems that cut and sort corncobs, Magnuson CCM is the world leading supplier of food processing machinery.

Sinclair is the world leader and pioneer of produce labeling machine systems, offering localized technical support across the globe.

Verdant Technologies is an emerging leader in the ag tech industry, offering product life extension technology for produce and florals that preserve freshness, reduce waste, and provide nourishment to more people in more places.

Our Team

  • Jeremy Flug

    Jeremy Flug


    Jeremy is the co-chairman of Gulftech and its family of companies, overseeing the strategic direction of the company globally. Jeremy continues a family legacy of ownership that has been in place for over 50 years. Prior to joining Gulftech in 1998, Jeremy was a senior vice president at Smith Barney in Denver, and a vice president at Kidder Peabody in New York. Jeremy earned his MBA from the Babcock School of Business at Wake Forest University, and a BA from Denison University, where he is currently a trustee.

  • Richard A. Boerner

    Richard A. Boerner


    As co-chairman, Rick oversees strategy for Gulftech and its subsidiaries, applying more than 40 years of experience in manufacturing, finance and operations. Rick has served in the organization for more than 27 years, where he has been actively involved in all facets of the company – serving as a board member, chief financial officer, as well as helping guide the successful expansion of an international portfolio of companies across the globe.

  • Steven K. Ferrell

    Steven K. Ferrell


    Steven leads all aspects of the company’s global portfolio of operating companies. A hands-on leader, Steven is responsible for implementing the company’s strategic priorities, lending deep expertise in operations, management and customer relationships. Steven is committed to protecting, strengthening and growing the company’s position as a market leader through innovation in all facets of the business. Steven has been with the company since 2000.

  • Jerry Buck

    Jerry Buck


    Jerry is responsible for all global financial matters of the company, including treasury, financial reporting and management, taxation, and information systems and technology. Jerry leads highly qualified teams at the corporate and subsidiary levels, managing the company’s financial affairs and working with Steven and the rest of the leadership team to execute Gulftech’s strategic priorities. He joined Gulftech after 18 years with Deloitte Tax where he was an office managing tax partner with other regional responsibilities, during which time he was the lead client service partner for Gulftech.

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